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"I just want you to know that what you see is something very special. Your eyes see innocence and good. Thank you for seeing that in animals and for seeing that in the photo I sent you."

George P.

"I have been waiting and watching for someone not just talented but paints with their soul!! I took one look at your painting and knew I found the perfect artist!!"

Aleska A.
Saskatchewan, Canada
9x12 Gallery Wrap Canvas are $200 (single subject) and shipping in the Continental US is included.
International shipping rates are additional.
Larger Sizes and multiple subjects are priced
In September of 2015 I decided to paint a portrait of my beloved Missy. Sadly, she was killed in 2004 by dogs. Even though I've been a freelance artist for nearly thirty years- painting murals, kids rooms, signage, original art, etc. I had only been tasked with a pet portrait once in my career. "Princess" the English Bulldog. The work was rather crude but the patron was happy with it. 

Shortly after I finished Missy's portrait, our local Vet decided to break away from his partners and open a new office. I thought it would be nice for him to have new art for his new beginnings so I painted some portraits of our dogs and presented them and my Missy to our Vet. People seemed to really enjoy the work and the next thing I knew, orders were coming in. 
"Princess" circa 2003
"Your art is unbelievably good! They are perfect portraits!"

Karen N.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
"I've enjoyed having you as a FB friend. It's given me the opportunity to see your talents used to make the world a better place."

Bob D.
Mobile, Alabama