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Family Reunion
Like, Change My Mind, Man
Little Urban Achiever
Sometimes There's A Man
Dude At The Whitehouse
Sometimes There's A Marmot
Cocktails At The Lebowski's
Doin Time At The Cool Kids' Table
Taking a trump on the Donnie John
Dystopian Frolic
Flock trump!
Heeeeeeeeere's Donnie!
trump Delivers His Message To Middle American Farmers
Voters Are Like Mushrooms
Vacay from Hate
There's more to come, man...... so this isn't like the bulk of the series or whatever, man so just..... do a J and relax.
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All self portraits by the artistes
Last Roast
Last Episode
An ever growing number of political works- thanks to a certain criminal narcissist that refuses to fade away into obscurity. it's getting to the point that no matter what atrocity or despicable act the former and disgraced president hits the current news cycle with, I have a painting that reflects it.